Is milk added to cereal a beverage, a broth, or a sauce?


I saw this image macro on a meme dump on imgur a few days ago, and it left me thinking that I had never even considered this question. So, has the milk turned into something else after being poured onto a bowl of cereal? Is it still a beverage? We know we can drink the milk straight from the bowl as soon we finish the cereal. Could it be a broth? That would imply the whole thing has now become a soup. Or maybe it’s a sauce to finish the meal.

Is there a right answer for this question? Some imgur users on this comment thread attempted to answer this question with mixed results.

  • Some think that it has become a broth because cereal with milk is a breakfast soup.
  • Others say that it’s still a beverage because a broth implies it was cooked with other ingredients and thickened, and that would make it a meal on its own.
  • A few others think it’s a sauce because sauces can be used in preparing other food.

I honestly don’t think whoever created the first batch of cereal to be eaten by adding milk ever considered the confusion over the then newly created breakfast dish, but Vsauce attempted to answer this question a couple of years ago.

Personally, I consider that milk a beverage because it’s like dunking cookies in milk to soften them and absorb some of the milk.

But what do you think?

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