This page is for informational purposes only. I provide the following information so you know what types of advertisements I run here. I am in no way asking you to click on, or buy products and/or services.

Running a website is not cheap, so I run different types of advertising on this site to cover the costs of hosting. These types of advertising range from plain text ads, banner ads, contextual ads, and even affiliate marketing.

Affiliate Marketing

In accordance with the current FTC guidelines I am required to inform you that some of the links on this blog/website, either through images, text, audio throughout this website may be affiliate marketing links, and if you purchase products through these links then I might receive monetary compensation. The amount may vary.

I participate in a few affiliate networks, such as the eBay Partner Network (EPN), Amazon Associates program, ShareASale, and I also use an affiliate marketing program and tool called Skimlinks. However, I don’t actually sell anything directly, nor do we have a direct relationship with either stores or sellers.

Should you have a problem with products you have bought through any of my links, please contact the sellers or websites about product problems and/or warranty issues.

Video, Audio, and Banner Advertising

I run banner ads through the Amazon Associates program, as well as affiliate banners from the ShareASale program. I have no control in any way of the content of the way the ads are displayed, they could be text, pictures, animated gifs, flash, or video.

In-Text Advertising

Before joining Skimlinks I joined a program called Infolinks, which is pretty much like Kontera. Infolinks underlines keywords to trigger relevant ads, so when you move your mouse pointer over the usually double-underlined links, or in the case of this site, the dotted-underlined links, it will display a small bubble with an ad. That small pop-up bubble will only stay on the screen as long as you keep your cursor on the highlighted words.

Should you have any concerns about the ads on this website feel free to contact me.