Superman vs The Flash: We have a winner!

This is one of the oldest feuds in the history of comic books. For many years there’s been the question of who is the fastest; Superman or The Flash.

In my opinion the Flash should be faster as Superman flies most of the time, it’s rare to see him actually run to catch an enemy, and I don’t think Superman has run faster than the speed of light.

Anyway, the question was finally answered in The Flash Rebirth #3.

In this story Barry Allen was trying to outrun becoming the Black Flash, so when Superman tries to talk to him this happens:


This next panel comes immediately afterward;

Superman doesn’t catch up to him. This pretty much clears up any doubts about who’s the faster runner, and last time I checked Superman never reached the speed of light while running, so the Flash is faster than Superman, he’s truly the fastest man alive.

You can also find a list of the many times they have raced at

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