The WordPress boo-boo turned out to be a worm

The "Cannot redeclare _verify_isactivate_widget()” turned out to be a worm and not a WordPress error. After I ended up deleting most of my themes, I began digging around to see if it’s really an error and what caused it. It turns out to be a worm that spreads by infecting the functions.php file of every theme installed.

I have a feeling I know how it infected my blog. When I was using a plugin called Theme Test Drive I decided to delete one of the inactive themes and replace it with a newer version from the repository. I can’t remember what theme it was, but the first time the site was disabled was when I tried disabling that theme.

I assumed it had something to do with how WordPress 3.x handles the sidebar widgets, but apparently it’s not the case. The only way to remove the infection (I hope it’s for good) is by disabling the blog and do either of the following via FTP:

  • Copy all your themes to your local machine and clean the bad code from each functions.php file in each of your themes and reupload
  • OR, If you have the original clean copies of your themes, reupload/replace functions.php from all of your themes (there might be more than one functions file per theme)

Trying to edit the functions file via the WP editor will do nothing, as soon as you save the file the code will be reinserted.

This post (4th on the thread) shows a similar code that yields the same error when you try to activate some themes, the only difference with what I had is the first line of code (8th on the post) was function _verify_isactivate_widget(){, but the result was the same. This post also has a similar guide, though everything comes down to editing the files one by one, or replacing the affected files with clean versions from the original themes (if you still have the original files).

I think the reason some themes crash is that the infected code adds a closing php tag just before adding itself, so since many themes simply don’t have one there it pretty much breaks the file.

For now all the themes seem to be working fine.

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