Movie Trailers and Clips

Rol Reversal: Girls hitting on guys like guys hit on girls

I have to admit that would be pretty awesome to some degree.

X-Men: Days of Future Past [Official] Trailer 3

Finally, the trailer that matters and shows what I wanted to see.

I know it’s everywhere, but in case you missed the blood moon…

I couldn’t see it because it was raining, as always, but I found some pictures, gifs, and a couple of clips in case somebody is interested.

The Samsung Galaxy S5 launches today, ready to get yours?

Samsung’s best smartphone launches globally today , and even though it’s not a tremendous upgrade from the GS4, it’s still one of the most powerful smartphones on the market right now.

Conan plays video games on a football stadium’s giant screen

On his newest edition of Clueless Gamer, Conan attempts to play video games using Dallas’ AT&T Stadium’s DiamondVision screen to play Madden NFL 25, Need for Speed, Street Fighter, and more.

Awesome Gym Prank: Eating Junk Food at the Gym

Why he wasn’t kicked out of that place or didn’t end up puking his guts out is beyond me.

Really awesome Rotobox + Kusovinyl limited-edition Voltron mini figure

This cool vinyl Voltron mini figure popped up on eBay’s front page, and I just had to have it.