Rumble: US vs Mexico World Cup qualifier Death Match

Wednesday at 3pm (eastern time) The US will face off against Mexico at their home turf. This is a big deal for Mexico, if they loose this game, they will most likely be out of the World Cup, which hasnt happened since 1990. Mexico has been loosing all their away games, so this is a big deal. The US is coming in with the team that got them 2nd place in the Confederations Cup this year.

Soccer’s World Cup qualifying season is one of those colossal global sporting events that thrives on possibility. If something big can happen, it probably will. That’s why we watch. But once in a while, there is a stubborn exception to the rule—and that’s what makes Wednesday’s match at Azteca Stadium in Mexico City so important. In 43 years, the U.S. national team has never beaten Mexico on its home turf. “

This is actually true, the Azteca stadium must feel like carrying the weight of the whole country in their shoulders, they probably push themselves to the limit and beyond, and pull off a draw or a win. As Latin American, I do hope they make it, but as a man living in the US and hating the guts of some of the Mexican players…uuuhhhh…I kind of also side with the US.

Lets leave it at, may the best win 😀

Via Wallstreet Journal

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