Rambo V: The Savage Hunt – A sci-fi approach?

Interesting, it’s being reported around the web that the plot of the new Rambo movie wont be that of him taking on smugglers in the US/Mexican border anymore, as it was reported some weeks ago. Apparently Stallone himself talked to Aint It Cool News and gave them a heads up on the plot, you can listen a voice clip over at their site. Pretty much the plot goes like this:

“John Rambo will be returning to the Pacific Northwest, back to his roots, if you will. There we’ll be seeing Rambo on the hunt, the one doing the chasing rather than the one being chased. The film will center around a US Military installation that’s experimenting on its soldiers, attempting to “tap into [the] savagery that we have deeply embedded [inside] us.” Basically, these elite soldiers are to become purely instinctual killing machines without a shred of regret, with nary a single qualm about taking a human life. Who would guess that this experimental program turns out to work exceptionally well? And then backfires terribly. That’s when Rambo, as part of a Black Ops squad, is brought in to hunt down this unfeeling, moral-less killer.”

Really sounds more like a crossover between Rambo and Universal Soldier, but as Sly says, it’s something totally different. Either way, I have not been disappointed with Sly’s latest return, with Rock and Rambo, and Expendables sounds pretty badass so far. So I’ll save judgment till the trailer comes out.

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