Steve Jobs rants about Google and Adobe


According to Steve Jobs met with Apple employees this week in Cupertino to discuss the iPad, answer some questions and, according to Wired, also rant about Apple’s partners/competition.

On Google: We did not enter the search business, Jobs said. They entered the phone business. Make no mistake they want to kill the iPhone. We won’t let them, he says. Someone else asks something on a different topic, but there’s no getting Jobs off this rant. I want to go back to that other question first and say one more thing, he says. This don’t be evil mantra: “It’s bullshit.” Audience roars.

About Adobe: They are lazy, Jobs says. They have all this potential to do interesting things but they just refuse to do it. They don’t do anything with the approaches that Apple is taking, like Carbon. Apple does not support Flash because it is so buggy, he says. Whenever a Mac crashes more often than not it’s because of Flash. No one will be using Flash, he says. The world is moving to HTML5.

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In my opinion Jobs is feeling the heat from Google’s success on the Nexus and is just trying to save face, why? Who knows, maybe he’s ashamed of the huge reverse the iPad took this week alone.

As for Flash support, I rarely ever have a problem with flash, my browsers crash mostly with sites using heavy java scripts, so I don’t see why Apple doesn’t just get into a deal with Adobe to create either a fix or an app for that.

I agree with the idea that HTML5 is the future, but we’re still in the present, it’s gonna be a while before the web get’s used to the idea of ditching Flash for HTML5, so Jobs should stop acting like a spoiled brat and do something about the lack of Flash support instead of waiting for the whole internet to go his way so Apple doesn’t have to move a finger.

It’s gonna be about 3 months before the iPad is available nationwide, that’s enough time to add features and turn this whole deal around.

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