Intense Debate plugin not working for me

Intense Debate is an alternative comment system, much like Disqus.

I really wanted to give it a try since it supports comment threading, comment voting, moderation, and a whole more stuff.

I installed it, followed all the instructions but could not get my comments imported no matter how I tried it. I tried the regular method several times, reset the whole thing several times, tried the alternate method as well, and nothing, for 2 days it would not import anything and would display nothing more than “0%.”

I’m not running a huge an popular blog, but I get the occasional comments here and there, and I like the features it supposedly has :(.

My other idea was to install a forum and synchronize it with WP, but that won’t happen until I get this site to grow….

On another note, I found out a lot of people are looking for the old AMVs I used to host xD, really people? I got rid of them when I checked the counter and the number of downloads was on the floor…..humans…..

Anyway, I’ll look around again for some kind of comments system, if somebody has a suggestion I’m all ears eyes, as long as it doesn’t limit the number of comments and it’s not really ugly I’ll give it a try ;).

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