The Oscars: Avatar ends up as just another pop-corn movie

The 82nd Annual Academy Awards ended with a HUGE bang, why do I say huge? Because Avatar, the movie that broke all box office records and made obscene amounts of money world-wide didn’t win the Best Picture Award.

A lot of fans-turned-fanboys have just began complaining how a movie that made so much more money than the winner didn’t get the award instead.

Look, I don’t have anything against Cameron, in fact I enjoyed Avatar, but making a ton of  money in the box office doesn’t necessarily mean the story is better than everything that ever existed, it sure was an entertaining experience with the 3D hype and all, but the story was a little weak if you ask me, overused, burned to a crisp, etc…..

Cameron won the Golden Globe awards for Best Drama and best director at the 67th annual ceremony, that was absurd as Avatar is not really what you would call a “drama,” it’s more like action/adventure, let’s face it, Avatar is a modern and futuristic version of Pocahontas…

Avatar won the Oscars in 3 categories: Art Director, Cinematography, and Visual Effects, and I agree, the visual effects were outstanding, but that’s pretty much all that movie was about, special effects.

Avatar fans have to understand that it doesn’t matter if Cameron says his movie was more than 10 years in the making, first that’s a lot of BS, he probably did write a script more than 10 years ago, but he didn’t use it at the time, probably because of the similarity with movies like “Pocahontas” and “Ferngully,” so he made a good choice by waiting.

Did all that time make the movie better? Not really, it was a really long movie that could have had a better story, if you remove the wasted time in most of the movie, mostly eye-candy, you get a rushed story that was no match to many of the other ones in the same category.

So remember, gross sales in box office doesn’t equal best picture, remember what happened to Transformers 1 and 2, it was all hype but no substance.

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