Men in Black 3??? And in 3D???

Men In Black 3 director Barry Sonnenfeld  has confirmed Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones‘ involvement in the new sequel. Etan Cohen is in charge for the script.

And, if you think that this is where the story ends, you are completely wrong, because this well-known filmmaker added that the movie will also be made in 3D and could be the big blockbuster release for May 2011 Memorial Day weekend.

The first Men in Black released in 1997 was made with a budget of $90 Million, and it earned $250 Million domestically, but the 2002 sequel, or Men in Black 2 was made with a budget of $140 Million and earned a disappointing $190 Million domestically.

Do we really need a third MIB, and in 3D? Do they really have a solid story to try to revive the franchise? Only time will tell.


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