Lady Ice: An Epic Drama

Lady Ice is a beautiful 2D animation short by Liron Pe’er (aka LPDisney)

This is a personal project that started as my final project for the Animation program at Bezalel Academy of Art and Design in Israel and after graduating I kept working on it to finish it alone. This is a combined project of Liron Peer (Me, and I’m a woman btw!) and another guy, who dropped the project at an early stage and therefore all you see here was mostly done by me alone (I did the entire animation in the film). Original score by Gidon Ricardo

I’m a huge fan of 2D animation, and for something done by only one person this is simply amazing.

The animation is fluid and the story breathtaking, the designs are beautiful and have that lost Disney style, and what’s more surprising is the fact that the creator has nothing to do with any major animation studio.

With that said, it’s really weird it’s only got a little over 16,000 views, I guess not many people is still into 2D anymore.

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To watch the WIP version and the trailer visit Liron Pe’er’s channel, or her deviantart page.

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