Microwaving A New 3G 64GB iPAD, And In HD Wide Screen!!

Hey, is there something better than microwaving a brand new iPad?  Of course there is, how about a brand new 3g/64GB iPad, and in freaking wide-screen HD so you can see every little detail?? 😀

I’d like my iPad extra crispy please.

As if the annoying narration wasn’t bad enough, the guy has posted the burned iPad on eBay and marked it as “Refurbrished” xD, it will be insane if the auction takes off and he ends up with more than he paid for the thing.

And you know what else is funny? The number of people complaining about children starving, that’s freaking hilarious ;’D.

The best part starts at 6:30, it’s totally worth the mindless destruction, it’s just awesome :'(.

Hats off to this master of disaster.

Oh, and go to the video page to boost up those page views ;).

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