Woman says three bags of popcorn a day ruined her life

A New York woman has filed a lawsuit after her 16-year popcorn habit left her with permanent lung damage, the New York Post reports.

Agnes Mercado from Queens devoured two to three bags of Act II Lite microwave popcorn a day between 1991 and September 2007. The popcorn was flavored with diacetyl, a compound that gives food a buttery taste.

Workers who packaged the popcorn for manufacturer ConAgra Foods developed “popcorn lung,” an airway obstruction that does not respond to medicine.

The food giant dumped diacetyl from its recipe in 2007.

Mercado, just diagnosed last month, uses an oxygen tank and is “likely to require a lung transplant,” the Queens Supreme Court suit against ConAgra says.

Via The New York Post

I kind of wonder about a few things:

  1. Who the hell eats that much popcorn a day?
  2. Did she snort the thing?
  3. Is second-hand popcorn bad for your health?
  4. Will this set a precedent that will end up in NYC  banning microwave popcorn from office buildings and college/university campuses?
  5. Will this force people to only eat it at designated areas away from pregnant women and children?
  6. Was she a walking fart bomb?
  7. Did farts steal all the air from her lungs?

Seriously, who the hell eats that much microwave popcorn without thinking it might be bad for their health? Imagine the constant farts and possible diarrhea! D:<

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