deviantart “Muro”

The “It’s coming…” campaign is over, deviantart finally unveiled the product they’ve been working on for months; deviantart Muro.

From start to finish, deviantART Muro allows users to create complete works of art in ways never before realized by digital drawing programs. deviantART Muro already boosts standard and interactive brushes, full-blown layer capabilities, and the ability to upload directly to your deviantART account, but we’ve also left room for expansion. You can expect to see many features and functions added in the coming weeks and months.


  • deviantART’s free HTML5 powered drawing app
  • 21 brushes, each uniquely programmed
  • A set of useful filters
  • Basic and Pro modes, both free
  • Intuitive layout and functionality
  • Supports all HTML5-enabled browsers including the iPad
  • Submit drawings directly to your deviantART Gallery
  • Convenient design allows more focus on your art
  • Join fellow deviants in a public forum to share drawings
  • Start private threads in your group’s Admin Area and enjoy picture comments

But before you start jumping on one foot this is no Photoshop, or even similar to any of the big editors, it’s just an online canvas, you can draw, color, and even use your Wacom Tablet with it (you have to download the Wacom plugin first), but it can’t edit pictures and it’s very limited to what you can see right now. So far the closest thing to using Photoshop is Pixlr, and that one is flash-based.

Only the first set of 6 brushes is free, so you have to buy points (with real money) to unlock and get future brush packs.

Of course it has its advantages, you can paint directly on it and upload your creations right away. You can see some of the mods’ creations here. If you wish to give it try head over here, I don’t know if all tablets will work with it though.

This is somewhat a good solution for people using the iPad as there is no need for the evil Adobe Flash monster.

Some people love it, some hate it already (I’m not making this up), but the truth of the matter is this is a huge step forward towards making a full non-flash picture editor, and a great scheme to get people to move to a HTML-5 browser.

Now the challenge will be for their servers to be able to keep up with deviantart’s regular traffic, plus the editor and submissions from it and all, I hope they don’t end up breaking the thing :D.

But how about you, deviantart users, do you like it? Do you hate it? What do you think of it so far?

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