How to piss off an Apple store employee

Last night I had a bad experience at a local Apple store, and all I did was ask a simple question.

It all happened when my brother wanted to take a look at some iPods as his has been acting up. So we go in and we took a look at the iPads, so he starts playing with it and couldn’t find an app to see if he can draw with it. He asked me if I knew of an good online free editor, so I told him to look for Pixlr.

So, he goes into the website, but the editor doesn’t load. Then I remembered it’s a Flash-based editor.

Some time ago I read about an app that would probably make the iPad be able to understand flash, it’s called FRASH, it’s not out yet but it’s in the works.

Anyway, my brother wanted to ask one of the customer service guys if there was a way for the iPad to use that picture editor, so I went and ask one of the employees, who by the way was very friendly with the everyone before I asked my question.

So I said, “excuse me, I was wondering if there is an app that would allow us to use a flash-based picture editor on the iPad.”

As soon as I mentioned the word “flash” his face went from smile to frown in a fraction of a second.

He didn’t even let me finish the sentence and said “there is no flash for the iPad,” he then looked away and proceeded to do “something” with one of the laptops. That was rude.

Was I too dumb to ask that question? Maybe, I already knew the answer, but my brother didn’t.

Is it alright for an electronics store employee to react like that in this situation? I don’t think so.

Let’s say a person who knows very little about computers asks that same question, is it that big an issue that it deserves a rude answer?

Some people would say I’m overreacting, but my brother was right next to me and saw the whole thing, even he was surprised at the guy’s reaction and the way he talked to me.

If that’s Apple’s idea of customer service they suck at it. Next time I will wear a shirt that reads “FLASH” all over it, they will probably call the Apple police to arrest me, ha!

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