About Chrome’s New Ad “Dear Sophie”

Somebody shared Google Chrome’s new ad on Digg with the title Excellent Google Chrome Ad: Dear Sophie, the thing is, I don’t think the ad even relates to Chrome.


I wouldn’t call it “excellent,” in my opinion it lacks substance and it concentrates too much on things every other browser can do, so I don’t think the marketing team thought this through.

It’s nice and all that they tried to appeal to our soft side, but the ad doesn’t really do a good job to make you want to install Google’s browser (I don’t use it).

The ad pretty much concentrates on the “dad” sending emails to the daughter’s account with pictures and videos of her life as she grows up. It shows a lot of Gmail and Youtube, but not any features that separate or make Chrome better above the other browsers. It concentrates heavily on Gmail, so it’s really hard to see how this is not a Gmail ad.

As nice and cute as many people found it, I think it was a waste of resources. As elaborate as it may seem this commercial fell in the same line of nonsensical commercials as those for Viagra and the Automobile industry.

Again, it is cute, but it doesn’t do a very good job selling the actual product.

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