Fukushima mutant rabbit – Media sensationalism at its best

A nuclear rabbit has sparked online panic in Japan. Amateur footage shows an earless mutant rabbit, and the person who made the video claims it was shot just outside the exclusion zone near Japan’s crippled Fukushima plant. The clip has given rise to fears the radiation threat in the area is far worse than previously thought. The funny bunny has caused an online frenzy, with predictions that babies in Japan may soon be born with mutations.

You would think nobody has ever seen an earlessĀ animal before…

I find it funny how the reporter refers to this bunny as a “mutant rabbit,” as if there is already proof that it was caused by the Fukushima plant’s radiation.

Ever heard of Vincent, the earless rabbit? I’m not going to say it’s normal, but it’s not really uncommon, just like you will probably find other animals that were born with defects, and without the “aid” of radiation.

Japan should really worry about mutant rabbits when they grow taller than their buildings and start spitting fire and fight other giant monsters in the middle of Tokyo, and all that ruckus wakes up Godzilla.

BTW, did anybody noticed that rabbit kinda looks like Doraemon? I know Doraemon is an earless robot cat, not a rabbit, but for some reason it just came to mind…

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