“Watering plants while you’re away” made extremely complicated

This person is going out of town for who knows how long, so he sets up this complicated contraption to water his three plants while he’s away.

Hey, I’m all for gadgets and stuff, but I bet you this person will come back to a mess.

I have three solutions for you, two involve a few bucks, and one is pretty much free.

1) Aqua Globes

Product Details Aqua Globes are easy to use, just fill and insert into soil and they can water your plants for you for up to 2 weeks. If you’re planning on leaving town for no more than 2 weeks, there’s your answer.


2) Hydrospike

Product Details

Hydrospikes can water your plants for up to a month, but if your water reservoir is big enough they could keep going for like a year! (With proper maintenance, of course).


3) Ask somebody to take care of  your plants for you

Get your lazy ass to your neighbor’s, friend’s, or girlfriend’s house and ask them to take care of your plants for a few days. The worst that could happen is finding your plants half-dead from over-watering/not watering at all. This is the cheapest solution, unless you have to make it up somehow and you don’t want to be bothered, or you don’t have any friends at all.

Again, great gadget idea, but not very convenient.


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