First look at the new Superman in costume

Warner Bros. Pictures unveiled the first picture of Henry Cavill in costume in his role as Superman.

The suit’s material kind of looks like the Amazing Spider-Man suit, and the “S” in the chest appears to be a lot bigger than the one used in “Superman Returns.”

It doesn’t look bad, but they’re gonna have to do something about that hair. I know a lot of people aren’t gonna be happy about this, but let’s face it, the Superman Christopher Reeve gave us was something taken out of the Golden Age of comic books, it was full of unnecessary puns and jokes, and the only real challenge was in the 4th movie, and that one didn’t do very well.

Superman Returns had its chance, and they blew it big time, so let’s give this guy a chance, I’m all for story, let’s not go for the “Christopher Reeve is the only Superman for me,” that’s BS.


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