This site looks at lot like Tumblr now xD

Ever since the last couple of WordPress updates many of my plugins just wouldn’t work right, or work at all. At first I thought it was plugin-related as it was in the past, and it wasn’t until I tried another theme that I noticed it was actually the Arras theme. Sadly the newest version was taken offline due to other issues, so until it is back online I went for something that would load fast instead of something that would look cool.

I went for a theme called Swift, and I have to admit I like how the front page looks now. It has that tumblr feel, sort of like what IheartChaos had on their previous theme, and it loads somewhat faster. I’m using the stock options so right now it looks raw, but as soon as I get down to business I’ll try to make it look better.

As much as I like the magazine feel that I had before with Arras I don’t really need it right now. I’m pretty much the only one posting and I hardly ever post any articles, most of my entries are picture/video related with just a few lines of text, so I think I’m cool with this for now.

Now I’m gonna have to open Photoshop and start doing something about a logo =/, it’s not like anybody cares though, I just wanted to say why the site went from looking like it was to looking like it is right now =)

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