Cristiano Ronaldo’s beautiful goal against Osasuna

I’m not a big fan of Mr Fake Dives, but this goal is a thing of beauty, and it was scored 35 yards (32 meters) away!

Websites like Yahoo! were making a big deal out of the way he celebrated by showing off his leg, but in all honesty, when you can score like that you can celebrate whatever way you want. It’s not like he whipped his penis out and started doing trusts towards the camera (though I’m sure the female fans would appreciate it).

I like this kind of goals, I’ve never been a big fan of half the opposite team trying to run over the goalie, so this is like a breath of fresh air.

It’s too bad Cristiano Ronaldo wastes more time faking injuries than actually playing. We all know he’s a good player, so why not show off his soccer skills more often instead of his acting skills?

You know what type of goals I love the most? The rare mid-field ones, those are awesome.

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