Zelda’s expressions and answers after a declaration of love

Different expressions and reactions from the different Zeldas towards Link’s feelings throughout the Legend of Zelda video games.

They’re not really in order. Actually, they appear to be in a weird order, as in

  • 1 3 5
  • 2 4 6

The original has the corresponding expression in the colored boxes instead of the video game names, here’s the original:

The expressions are (from left to right): happy face, crying, tsundere, dumbfounded, panic, and not impressed.

The original comes from this site, and it’s translation comes from this site.

Reddit user Spared_No_Expense edited the picture so it would follow the proper timeline, or at least I think that’s the right timeline.

The “Twilight Princess” expression and answer scare me, they kinda sound “NTR,” if you know what I mean…

I was trying to edit the picture so it would scroll vertically instead, but I sent the PS project to hell because the background has letters, and it’s 5:30am for me, what the hell am I still doing up at this ungodly hour? D:


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