LG IPS Monitors Elevator Prank

LG Electronics made a few elevator users think they’re falling to their deaths.

Korean electronics giant LG decided to show how good the quality of their new IPS monitors is. The video titled “So Real it’s Scary,” shows how They install a grid of LG IPS monitors on the floor of an elevator to create an optical illusion that the elevator is plummeting, and capture the reactions of riders who believe the floor is actually falling apart.

That is really creative, and probably beats most of this year’s electronics advertising. However, it’s really hard to tell if these folks are real people or paid actors.

This gif compares the reaction between men and women in this clip, mainly making fun of the way one of the women walks towards the falling floor instead of where the floor is still standing, but in all honesty, if I see this happening under my feet I would probably pee myself.

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