WTF: Extreme Feminist Says “Stop Breastfeeding Baby Boys”

What you are about to read makes me lose the little faith I have in humanity.

A friend shared this picture via Facebook, it’s from a Facebook page called “Breastfeeding,” and it’s really scary.

Wow, just wow. This is really frightening. Here’s the link to the actual FB post.

I shouldn’t be thinking like this, but I kind of wish she never procreates. If she ends up pregnant with boys, they’re gonna have a horrible childhood. She talks about her future (possible) sons like they’re the enemy, it’s her own blood!

It looks like she confused what feminism is really about; equality of the sexes. The fact that she thinks circumcision takes away sexual pleasure from a man just tells me she’s nothing but an ignorant child. As a cut guy, I can tell you there’s pretty much no difference, it’s not like the entire head of the penis was removed.

I hope their friends never ask her to babysit their sons, or they’ll have a really bad time.

Picture via Mumma Electric.

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