Fruit Ninja in Real Life

Real life Fruit Ninja to Dubstep.

Noooo!! Not the Twinkie! :'(

Do you know what happens to the fruit once it’s cut in half? It’s right there in the video, you can see it DROP to the ground WUB WUB WUB BRRRRRRRR!

Details from the video description:

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  • Fruit Ninja played by Christian Busath.
    Sensei played by Keith Hottinger.
    Created by Scott Winn & Jay Davis.
    Directed and Edited by Scott Winn.
    Cinematography by Scott Winn & Derek Pueblo.
    Color Correction by Ben Brooksby.
    Costumes by Allison Dredge.
    Visual FX (lens flares and additional fruit juice) by my friend Nick Dixon.
  • This video was shot at varying frame rates between 24 – 2,000 fps. No twixtor or special effects were used.
    Cameras: Fastcam, Red Epic, Canon 5D Mk II.

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