From Assassin to Pinata in 2 Seconds

A man put a gas pistol to the head of the leader of Bulgaria’s ethnic Turkish party during a televised conference, the gun misfires, and he get’s beaten to a pulp by a bunch of old men.


Ahmet Doğan was giving a speech on stage when the man rushed up to his podium and aimed the gun. Footage appears to show the attacker attempting to fire at Doğan before the politican pushed the gun away.

The unidentified attacker was then wrestled to the ground by delegates and repeatedly punched and kicked in the face.

Police later confirmed in a statement that the 25-year-old attacker was armed with a gas pistol and two knives.

The Telegraph

Here’s the full clip, I really don’t know how long this video will last, you know how news agencies are when regular folks share their stuff online.

I don’t know whether to feel relieved he failed and got beat up, or bad for the idiot for getting beaten up by a bunch of old men. It’s so funny that they just keep hitting and punching him like a bunch of kids.

This remind me of the printer scene from Office Space:

I’m glad the asshole is behind bars.

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