WTF: Popcorn and Bacon Scented Candles

Why do these even exist? Because -MURICA, that’s why.


The Yankee Candle Co. of Deerfield unveiled their new additions to their Man Candles collection: movie-house popcorn, and bacon.

Their new fragrances are titled, “MMM, Bacon!” and “Movie Night.”

“It doesn’t matter what’s playing … the enticing aroma of hot, freshly buttered popcorn is the feature attraction” …. “Based on feedback from last year’s record-breaking launch, these new scents were a must-have for the collection, especially with bacon poised to be this season’s hot trend. Who doesn’t love the smell of bacon?”

Well, I bet some people actually like these scents, but I don’t think they’d want their house smelling like that all day long. Personally, as someone who worked at the concession stand of a movie theater, they sound revolting. After a while I started hating the smell of fat and grease, and I also wouldn’t want my house smelling like a fast food place, but to each their own.

I wonder if they attract wild life, if that’s the case I wouldn’t light one up if my house is in the woods…

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