Are you into video game collectibles and Zippo lighters?

Then this “might” interest you, with a big emphasis in “might.” Do you remember the Sega Mega Drive and Saturn Zippo lighters that came out a few years back?


Well, they are pretty much gone, but this eBay seller based in the UK claims to have the last of the Sega Saturn version (the silver one) and put it up for auction.┬áHe also claims the item is in “new” condition. That sounds good until you check the price tag. They originally came out at about $114 US. This seller, however, is asking for a little over $500 US for it.

Click here if you’re interested.

Even when I don’t smoke and have no actual use for a lighter, I have to admit they’re really cool looking. However, the price tag seems to be a bit steep for what they are. I’m sure there are hardcore collectors who might overlook the price tag though.

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