So Miley Cyrus wanted to shock the world, well, she did

Sadly, I don’t think this was the way they scripted her performance…

I’m having a hard time understanding what she did, though it’s more of a “why” than a “what.” Her performance was weird, that’s a fact. It somehow looked like she was trying to copy Lady Gaga or Madonna. It also kind of looks like she was drugged or something, the thing with her tongue sticking out was plain weird.

The best part was when she tried to “twerk” with Beetlejuice Robin Thicke.


I died. I think I laughed so hard I pulled something… Yeah, it’s kind of sad she tried to twerk with so little to no butt, and Lady Gaga didn’t when she has that gorgeous butt.


The best part was Will Smith and his family’s reactions, especially Jaden, he trully had a reason for that facial expression this time.


What’s even funnier, this animated gif does an excellent job explaining her performance:

I made this gif of Miley twerking and I'm not even sorry.

Dat closeup….

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