Super Ultra Ultimate Rock-Paper-Scissors

Because 15 gestures and the 105 possible outcomes aren’t enough, we must go higher.

Back in 2004(?), David Lovelace came up with seven-gesture variation of rock-paper-scissors (there was already a 5-gesture variant using “Spock” and “Lizard” out there).

However, he didn’t stop there. From there he upped the stakes coming up with NINE-GESTURE and whythehellwouldyoudothat ELEVEN-GESTURE variants of the game.

Did he stop there? I think not. But instead of going up to 13 gestures, he skipped that step and went straight up to a 15-gesture variant. That’s the most known version known around the net, and I’m sure you’ve probably seen it a thousand times.

But why stop there? He had to keep going and created the Almighty RPS-25; 15.5 octillion permutations and 300 outcomes.


Click here for the official posters. Can you even begin to imagine playing this monstrosity? I bet it’s like practicing Kung-Fu, but with your hands only. I wonder if I can throw fireballs at some point.

But if you think that’s the end of it, you’ve got another thing coming.

You would think he probably went up to 30, or 40, or even 50 gestures. Oh no, that’s not enough. He actually came up with a 101-gesture version with 5,050 outcomes. You could probably learn martial arts from this! I can seriously imagine somebody saying, “his rock-paper-scissors style is unorthodox! I’d better use Dragon fist.”

Here’s a preview of the Flash chart.


Click here to see the Flash chart. This thing is so massive and complex, it’s probably impossible to play it without knowing the rules, so if anyone is crazy enough to attempt playing this, you might want to get the poster and the booklet.

You know, this could spawn some kind of game show, I’d probably watch that in hopes somebody masters the Kamehameha wave.

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