Biggest troll ever: Jimmy Kimmel reveals the truth behind the “Worst Twerk Fail Ever”

Ever since that video clip of a girl falling on a table while twerking and catching on fire showed up on Youtube a couple of weeks ago, many thought it was fake, others thought it was the worst twerking stunt ever to see the light. Well, Jimmy Kimmel interviewed the girl in the clip.

The clip cuts off right at the point where her pants catch on fire, but the full clip is revealed at minute 1:33.

Oh what a bastard! So not only was it a prank, but the girl’s real name is Daphne Avalon, a professional stuntwoman… Damn,  Jimmy Kimmel sure got us, I have to say I respect him even more now, that was some masterful trolling right there.

You will have to agree it looked pretty real the first time, I mean, everything was set up so it made sense; an easy-to-break table, lit candles, and and open bottle of liquor, everything you need to set something on fire by accident.

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