The Awesomeness of light up LED suits

This clip of a toddler wearing a stickman LED suit showed up on the net, and some folks are declaring it the winner of this year’s Halloween.

That’s just adorable, though I somehow thought it was gonna be some kind of scary video at first. Now, while I don’t agree with the “this kid just won Halloween” statement, it really is a really cool idea if you’re gonna be in the dark, mainly because they really glow, or I should say “light up” in the dark, and that’s awesome. Here’s the adult version of the suits by the same Youtube user.

That was pretty sweet, but again, it only works in the dark. With a little bit of light around it will most likely look like this.

What’s really cool about this this type of suits is that they’re somewhat inexpensive to make, so you can either make your own suits like this guy did, or pay the price. I found a few similar ones, but they look kind of crappy, but what would you expect for a $29 suit.

I looked around and there are plenty of places who make them, after all it’s just a matter of buying electroluminescent wire (el wire). Although, knowing what to do with all that stuff is a whole different story. But I have to admit, some stores sell some really complicated ones that look really cool.


If you manage to make a glowing suit like that, you don’t go to a party, you become the party. But I think the most interesting usage for LED wire is LED bras, because boobs.


┬áNow we’re ready to party.

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