Oh noes! What happened to the site?

wordpress-hackedOver the weekend I was welcomed by the damn "Cannot redeclare _verify_isactivate_widget()worm that attacked my site almost two years ago.

I caught the flu, and when my eyes finally decided to stop watering, I decided to work on updating the site, it’s been a while since I did anything here. Guess what? I was welcomed by this S.O.B. while merely checking a theme, which meant I had to follow procedure, and delete pretty much most of the themes I installed and was working on, as well as look for, check and re-upload a ton of functions files. Believe me, that was no walk in the park, I even ended up deleting and resinstalling WP’s original themes, even the latest four, and that was because I installed them directly from either a WP update, or from the WP repository. I think I’m going to start downloading every theme first, check it’s functions file, and if it’s clean, install it and keep a copy on my computer. I saved a lot of time by just re-uploading instead of cleaning everything.

Anyway, I had no choice but to revert to Twenty Ten and do some quick half-ass tuning before I could use it. It’s not the best looking thing I’ve done, but I’ve done worse, so this is not so bad considering I purposely chose this one over the latest three, and that is mainly because I don’t need the newer versions’ “responsiveness.” I use a different theme for mobile, so I really don’t need to have a collapsing theme, especially when they look like crap when you run banner ads.

Speaking of ads, I’m giving Infolinks’ “inFrame” ads a try, and temporarily removed the ads on the sidebar, I pretty much only left the Amazon stuff. I don’t know how good those inFrame ads work, but I haven’t really found a real review anywhere, it’s always some asshole trying to attract people by lying on the title, and then just copying/pasting the same info on Infolinks’ site.

I also discovered an error in a plugin called Amazon Link, so if you have that plugin installed in your site, and the posts where you used it don’t load, head over to this discussion on WordPress.org. The author posted a pre-release version for those of us having the posts-crashing issue, and it works so far, and it even fixed an error where if you had more than one short-code on the same post, the first picture wouldn’t have a link or flags to click on. That sure saved me a lot of time, I was about to edit over 200 posts…

In short, I’m not dead yet, I just haven’t had a chance to do anything between work, testing stuff on this site (I should stop using my main site as a guinea pig), and wasting time online…

And now the big question, how bad does the site look? I know the previous theme wasn’t exactly “pretty,” but it had its perks, and that was pretty much the reason I stuck with it for so long.

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