New Viral Picture / Meme: Shocked Girl

A picture depicting a guy getting a shot out of a shotgirl’s breasts has become the latest viral meme, thanks to the reaction of a woman behind the people doing the shots.


It showed up on reddit with the title, “Currently on Bourbon Street….,” and the whole focus of the picture was lost when everyone noticed the expression of the girl in the back.


But everything changed when the fire nation attacked…or at least when imgur user LilBTheBasedGod provided this cutout of the girl in question.


This is probably gonna be the only thing being posted online for the next few days, or at least until reddit, buzzfeed, and other similar sites burn it and run it into the ground. Here’s a small gallery of what I found from the time it was posted, until the moment I’m typing this.

This meme is going around with different names, like “Surprised Bourbon Street Girl,” and “Real Life Surprised Patrick Girl.” Expect an avalanche of pictures involving both this girl and SpongeBob’s Patrick. The pictures were taken from different posts and threads, including the reddit post above and these ones:

I wonder if the girl on this picture will find all this unwanted attention really shocking.


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