The BEST thing to come out of the 2014 World Cup: Sloth Kong

Sloth Kong is a series of illustrations by Haime Luna and the Tico Times featuring a giant sloth wrecking havoc on the teams that play against Costa Rica in this edition of the FIFA World Cup.

These were all made before each match, but they also work with Costa Rica winning their first two matches against former World Cup champions, and the tying against England.

Sloth Kong vs Uruguay


Sloth Kong vs Italy


Sloth Kong vs England


Sloth Kong King of Group D


Sloth Kong vs Greece (Round of 16)


It even has a music video (sort of):

The last illustration is from the day before the match between Costa Rica and Greece. Costa Rica managed to win against Greece after the latter couldn’t beat the former even though the “Ticos” got a player red-carded, leaving only ten men to defend throughout most of the second half, two complementary 15 minute halfs, and then a round of PKOs.

I’m happy Costa Rica moved on to the round of 8, and I’m proud that they’re not only¬†representing the hopes of their country, but of Central America and CONCACAF as well. Mexico was eliminated today, so only Costa Rica and the US remain from CONCACAF.

Oh, and I want to see more of Sloth Kong. It’s too bad the violence and drug trafficking has gone insane over the last few years in Central America, if they could host a World Cup then Sloth Kong would be the perfect mascot.

[UPDATE]: There were a couple of illustrations before the match against the Netherlands, and one more after they returned to Costa Rica.




It’s too bad they lost, they managed to hold the Oranje off for over 120 minutes, but lost in the penalty shootouts. Still, they played really well, so hats off to them.

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