SDCC 2014: First Picture of Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman in “Batman v. Superman”

Director Zack Snyder surprised everyone at the Warner Bros. panel at Comic-Con with a teaser for Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice, as well as a first look at Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman.


He later tweeted the following high resolution version of Gadot in costume.


Here’s the imgur link in case the picture doesn’t load. It looks better than I thought, but I don’t like some things about it. First, why is she wearing high heels? That looks incredibly uncomfortable to fight, boots would’ve been a better choice. I know Linda Carter wore high heel boots, but I thought they were going for a more realistic version of Diana. Also, why is her sword so small? Or maybe I’m wrong and that’s the biggest dagger ever. And finally, the color, what’s with the one color outfit? Some color would’ve been nice, she’s not Batman after all.

Now the comparisons. She looks like Xena the Warrior Princess.


Who wore it better? I really feel it lacks color. It worked for Xena, but that was a different show, and WW’s suit has always been colorful.


Obligatory: Linda Carter’s version.


That’s probably the closest version of the comic books, but those heels look like trouble, I never thought about it when I was a kid though. Here’s Adrianne Palicki in costume for that Wonder Woman pilot that never took off a few years back.



And here’s the video games version:


I kinda feel like Gadot is a little small and skinny for the character, she kinda looks like a cosplayer instead of Wonder Woman. I hope she manages to build some muscle. I also hope they add some color to the suit, it looks too bland, this isn’t Gladiator…

Speaking of Wonder Woman, remember that porn parody with Tori Black as Wonder Woman? Now you do hehehehehe.


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