Slowpoke: Congrats to Germany for winning the FIFA World Cup

Who would have thought Germany would win the 1990 World Cup against Argentina? What, wrong year? Nonsense, I’m still a 10 year old boy. *sobs*


The German team has just arrived in Berlin, and were received as heroes by a swarm of German fans. Just so you know, the Germany jersey was pretty much sold out within a couple of hours of ending their match against Argentina.

I was rooting for Argentina because I wanted the cup to stay in South America, but it was more than obvious that Germany would be a nut super-tough to crack. But then, everything changed when the German nation attacked…

There’s something I have to get out of my chest about the golden trophies just before the German team smothered the cup; neither Lionel Messi or Manuel Neuer deserved their respective trophies. Lionel Messi is an amazing player, but he was covered most of the time by at least 2 or 3 players from the opposite team, so he was very limited to making mostly plays that were constantly lost. Also, I don’t think giving him the Golden Ball after Argentina lost was such a good idea anyway, it’s like ordering a whole cake, and just getting a slice of the wrong type.


As for Neuer, he didn’t see as much action as many other goalies in this tournament, in fact I was pretty sure FIFA was going to give the Golden Glove to Costa Rica’s Keylor Navas.

Speaking of Navas, he’s heading to Bayern Munich for a reported €10million. Sadly, Bayern Munich’s current goal keeper is Manuel Neuer, which means Navas could probably stay benched for a very long time.

Anyway, here’s a ton of pictures of the German team in Rio (from DFB official facebook). Here’s the link to the album on imgur in case my pictures don’t load due to cheap hosting.

What’s important to notice Rihana showing out of nowhere, I didn’t even know she was into soccer because there is absolutely no way she was looking for attention, right?


Nope, not fishing for attention at all.

Anyway, congrats to Germany for taking the cup back to Europe, I hope the Americas can reclaim it in another 24 years.

By the way, now that the World Cup is over I’m sure many Americans will thank the heavens that it’s over and complain at how boring it is, and that baseball is so much fun and stuff, making soccer relevant for at least another week.

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