British soldier “accidentally” hits little girl as the queen walks by

It’s a story of friendship and betrayal.

On Thursday, Queen Elizabeth II was at the Millennium Stadium in Cardiff, Wales, when she was presented with flowers from a little 6-year-old girl called Maisie Gregory.

Unfortunately for the little girl a soldier next to her misjudged his salute and brutally decapitated her, turning the act into a sea of blood and guts!

OK, so her little hat got knocked off, but was it really an accident? I say it’s a conspiracy against 6-year-old girls and their little hats! Here’s the same clip from a different angle:


You would think he misjudged the distance before raising his arm, but this is what really happened:


Shocking! Lesson learned: take off your hat in front of the queen, or this will turn into an episode of “The Slap.”

Gifs via imgur on this post, and the subtitles on this post.

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