Father’s day is almost here, so give your dads the gift of puns


Father’s day is pretty much here, and every year we get slammed with ads for tools they probably already have, grills they won’t use because it’s not the shiny one they chose, and clothes that most likely won’t even fit or they’ll will never wear.

So I was thinking and asking myself, what is the one thing that dads love all-year round? Dad jokes, or like we used to call them over 10 years ago: puns.

giantbookofpunsIf there’s one thing many folks love is short jokes, puns, and one-liners, so why give dads something different for father’s day this year? I guess you’re wondering why I’m suggesting something so wierd, so let’s slow down here and get real for a moment; plenty of people are not really imaginative enough to come up with decent puns, in fact many are terrible at it.

With that said, why not give them something that will both entertain them and become a learning experience? Sure, they’ll probably never shut up again and alienate friends and family, but at least they’ll have a good laugh while doing it.

The picture of a book you see on your left is just an example, as there are literally hundreds of books specializing in the art of short bad jokes, so go ahead, help him make people around him sigh in disbelief at how dumb his jokes are.

It’s time to take their weak pun game to the next level.

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