LED Light-Up Shoes: It Looks Like The 1990s Are Leaking


In the last year I have noticed more and more videos of people dancing while wearing snickers with lights on the sole, sort of like the old L.A. Lights shoes with the lights on the heal back in the early 90’s.

I have to admit the thought of an adult wearing a pair of LED light-up shoes was a bit weird, especially considering the most popular shoes of this type at the moment are for kids. However, I ended up changing my mind after taking a look at some of the clips around online.

But while they look a lot like the old L.A. Lights, or the current light up snickers for children, the technology has changed quite a bit; these new breed is USB rechargeable, and the battery may even last up to 8 hours straight.

Do they look cool? Absolutely. Do they have a good use? Maybe. I checked a few of the info on a few of the on Amazon, and apparently they might not be fit for use as running shoes. However, I’m pretty sure parkour moves at night probably look pretty sick with this babies on.

There’s quite a few DIY tutorials on sticking light up strips on regular shoes to make them like this, but to be quite honest they are quite cheap on places like AliExpress or eBay, so I don’t see the point of ruining a good pair of shoes while trying to imitate these ones.

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