Someone redrew “Batman: The Killing Joke” trailer in the style of the original comic book

Emil Gustafsson Ryderup took a shot at re-imagining the “Batman: The Killing Joke” trailer with an aesthetic more closely resembling the graphic novel by Alan Moore, Brian Bolland and John Higgins.

It honestly looks pretty damn cool, especially the colors.

Here’s the original trailer. I felt the original is a bit too dark color wise, but some things work out better in the original than in the redrawn version, like the image of Joker holding the gun in front or Barbara.

Here’s a comparison by the Ryderup of both videos. As I said, some things work better for the redrawn clip, while others do for the original trailer.

Some things look better animated in the redrawn version, but we have to keep in mind it’s a shorter clip than the actual full-length animated film.

Still, it turned out pretty damn good.

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