Guy lights vest made of firecrackers on bare skin. What could possibly go wrong?

I could say the results will shock you, but it looks like he was the only one shocked at the obvious outcome.

Each year as many as 9,000 people are injured in fireworks related incidents, and as many as 400 lose sight in one or both eyes, so please don’t try this at home, or EVER.

Imagine that, they burned his skin, I did not see that coming… I’m honestly surprised he attempted it on his bare skin, he should’ve tried to do it while wearing something that would prevent his skin from being burned, you know, like an actual properly planned stunt.

Look, I understand people keep trying to become famous online by doing weird stunts, but never play with fire. Hell, even Facebook deleted the guy’s video for being inappropriate, and the titleĀ “stunt suicide vest” doesn’t help either.

I hope this doesn’t start a trend, like the many stupid and dangerous “challenges” kids keep trying nowadays.

By the way, Neosporin is not meant to be used on burns like this, he should’ve gone straight to the hospital.

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