Golden Globe Awards joke – Avatar wins Best Drama of the year

While everyone on Youtube and probably most of the gaming community is fine with this, the ‘rest’ of us, are in shock to see that James Cameron’s “Avatar”, won best Drama picture. Best. Drama. Picture. WHAT THE FUCK…

Visually, it was amazing. But storywise? A drama? sure, I’ll even let that one slide, but the best drama of 09? doubtful. Considering it was going against powerhouses like ‘The Hurtlocker” (I dont care what anybody says, this was the best movie of the year) “Precious”, ‘Up in the air”, and ‘Inglorious Basterds”. All those movies could’ve easily destroyed Avatar in terms of story-telling. I’m not saying Mr. Cameron is a terrible director, by all means, he’s proven his worth waaay too many times, unlike that train wreck Michael Bay. Still…this just felt wrong in all levels. Almost as if the whole thing was fixed?

All I’m saying is, James Cameron for best director, fine. I’d agree. Best drama? No. These awards have become such a joke over the years. Hell, Sponge Bob could win best drama here too. Populist bullshit.

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