Guess what sucks balls? Kanye West’s 35-minute “Runaway” music video

Only Kanye West would come up with a 35-fucking-minute music video, erm, excuse me, I meant to say FULL LENGTH FILM.

I bet he expects people to say, “Wow, it’s full of explosions and hot women, OMG it’s, like, all artsy and shit, please let me suck your dick!”

I only watched pieces, I wasn’t gonna waste a full half hour of my pathetic life watching something that doesn’t make any freaking sense, the only good thing are the girls, other than that this guy needs some serious acting lessons, like pronto!

Kanye, I’ma let you finish but you have the most WTF music video of all time!

Now if you excuse me I’m gonna go find a phoenix bird that looks like a hot supermodel and fuck her ’till her feathers come off.

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