F*ck me sideways!

This is the second part of “Have you ever had one of those weird days…” that I posted on Wednesday.

SO, Thursday came, I have had a horrible night with fever and stuff, but that was no excuse for me to sleep past 9am, even when I still had a fever!

I received a call from one of the staffing companies, and because none of the other 2 places called I accepted, so I said to myself, “at least I’ll have a job after the holidays.”

Then came the requirements.

Apparently I have to beat 8 robot masters in order to stop Dr. Wiley. OK, they’re not robot masters, but I had to complete 8 certifications online in 5 days.

I let the first day go as I felt like crap, could not concentrate at all, and had all the symptoms of the shittiest cold I have ever had in my life!

That same day my dad went out to pick my brother up at a subway station nearby. On the way back some idiot was racing and was doing over 70mph on a 35mph zone, and struck my dad’s SUV while they were trying to turn left.

Long story short, my brother and my dad ended up in the hospital, the car is a complete loss, they both have bruises all over their bodies, and my brother broke his back, so now he has to wear a plastic cast to hold his lower back…

With all the troubles going on right now between the hospital and the insurance claims, and with just 2 days ahead of me to complete the courses, I just don’t have the time or the heart to take any online courses at all.

For now I will work with my mom for a while until my dad recovers, he can’t even drive right now so I’m the only one who can keep the business going.

As for my brother, it will be a while before he can work again, I just hope that son of a bitch had a happy Christmas, after all he only had a broken wrist…

At the end my Christmas dinner consisted of Wendy’s burgers and fries, yay!

Here’s a picture of how lovely this Christmas was for my family, enjoy.

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