There’s one of these in every single class

They try to argue with the professor and end up up looking like a jackass in front of class, but instead of realizing what they’re doing is just wrong and a waste of time they look around to see if anyone agrees with them or think they are amazing. Professors usually end up hating that type of people.

In college I had to take a pre-calculus class during the summer, and this Asian kid was not only obnoxious, he was apparently ashamed of being Asian. The first day of class he refused to pronounce his last name because he swore that, and I quote, ” I don’t know how to say it.” The professor was all like, “Sure, sure, I believe you.” He would often write stupid stuff on the whiteboard and look around to see if anyone was paying attention to what he was doing. He would also interrupt class by asking questions that in reality were just him trying to look smart by giving the answer.

Please don’t be that guy, attention whores are annoying.

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