What facebook is all about

This is more or less what I see almost every day on Facebook.

I’m gonna complain about some ridiculous shit that has nothing to do with me because, even though you know I’m an asshole and a clown, I’ll still make it sound as if I’m depressed and going through life with my dick inside my own ass.

I’ll make sure to write a long-ass paragraph, and I will make sure I do it without spaces or pauses so I can annoy the fuck out of you but still make you feel like there’s something wrong with me.

You will skim through and then proceed to agree with me as if you actually cared about my mental well-being, but in reality you just want me to shut the fuck up.

You will then ask me what happened and I will say, “nothing, I heard this shit somewhere.”

That’s what Facebook is all about.

– Me 2011.

I’ve been trying to ignore the current Facebook trend of people whoring themselves by ranting about stuff and sounding ultra emo.

That’s something “normal” on Facebook, but that’s sometimes hard to overlook when you see so many meaningless bible-size statuses that make you think, “wow, this person has teh issues, I should ask them what hurt their soft little bums,” and it ends up being something they copied from someone else, a huge chunk of a super-emo song, or their way to vent their anger by vaguely complaining about their lives but still not telling you the problem.

The way I see it is, if you don’t feel well then talk to your family and closest friends first, if that didn’t work vent your problems online, but if you’re gonna start ranting about stuff and then not say what the fuck is bugging you then do me a favor and STFU, I have enough problems on my own to worry about people asking for attention in such ridiculous manner.


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