Happy Thanksgiving? I feel sorry for those who work in retail =(

I don’t know if there’s anything to celebrate at all when the Thanksgiving holiday has been turned into another Black Friday by retail stores.

I thought it was bad when some stores announced they would open on Black Friday at midnight, but then I learned stores like Walmart will open at 10pm on Thanksgiving day, and Toys R Us took the cake when they announced they will open at 9pm on Thanksgiving day and remain open until 11pm on Black Friday.

What that means is no Thanksgiving dinner for their employees. If the stores are opening at 9 they will have to be at the store at least one hour before, and I have a feeling that’s not gonna be the case. They’re probably have to be 2 hours before, so no turkey for you guys.

A Walmart employee was making a petition to stop the retailer from opening on Thanksgiving night, but even though it was supported by more than 2500 people, Walmart ignored it.

We all know no store has actual deals on electronics. If you haven’t paid attention to the pattern, I will tell you right here that they increased the prices of many electronic items right after “back to school” season, and the supposed “deals” you get on Black Friday are just regular deals they throw out at any other time of the year. Clothes, toys, and other items on the other hand get actual reductions due to being replaced by new ones.

It’s really sad that a holiday that’s been always observed has now people working overtime just because the stores want to make a few bucks more. We all know the day after Thanksgiving marks the beginning of the Christmas season, but can’t they wait until Thanksgiving is over? It’s only 24 hours, they can go crazy on Friday if they want….

I wonder how many people had their plans ruined and won’t even get to enjoy dinner…I know this is a capitalist country, but this is just retarded.

There really is no need to do this as the weekend following Black Friday and pretty much the rest of the week after are just about deals and offers, so why ruin a national holiday with these antics? The worst part is that the employees will probably get paid their normal rate instead of overtime for working on a holiday, I worked in retail a long time ago, so I should know…

If you work in retail I wish you luck, and I hope you don’t lose your cool when the stores get infested by angry customers who can’t find the items on the ad, so here’s a cute rabbit in a hat to cheer you on.


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