The squared sidebar ad is getting annoying…

I noticed for quite sometime that the first ad on the sidebar makes smartphones go completely insane. For some reason it doesn’t detect that traffic is coming from a mobile device, and forcefully tries to play a video.

The problem is that smartphones’ players don’t seem to understand how to play the video either, and instead they end up in an infinite loop of play and error. Sadly I have no control over the content of the ads. My previous Android phone would go insane when the ad turned out to be a video.

I’m going to have to remove it until I come up with a mobile version of the site, that way that ad stays on the desktop version only.

I don’t make a whole lot of money from the ads on this site, in fact they barely cover the monthly cost of keeping it online. I’m actually cool with just being able to have the site run pretty much for free, and don’t have to worry about accounts on other sites.

Anyway, I made this post to let you know I am aware of the problem.

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